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Nano News and Warnings...

Science day! As product sophistication increases, so do the systems that deliver high tech ingredients. Here’s some current information of interest on nano particles.

Scientists at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory, recently published research in ACS Nano, with interesting results from research on nanoparticles and the effect on immune cells, ranging from diminished activity to cell death. This is important for consumers, as nanoparticles are used in beauty and personal care products, including sunscreen. 1,4

The findings studied the effects of silicon, iron, and cobalt oxides. Researchers have been studying the effects of nanoparticles on cells, and in particular, oxidative stress. Sounds stressful just saying it doesn’t it! Simply put, it is the stress put on the body by free radicals that the body is not able to neutralize, resulting in cell damage, or cell death.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have identified 6 genes affected by nano-sized Titanium Oxide (TiO2), used in sunscreen. 2 Interesting to note that the EU, in July, approved the use of nano-sized Titanium Oxide in the use of sunscreens (…having banned the admittance of Zinc Oxide, as an alternative to chemical sunscreen ingredients, for decades).3 The EU is limiting the amount in products to 25%, and cannot be used in spray sunscreen, due to issues with lung inhalation…

Followed by Researchers at ETH Zurich, who published their research on carbon “nanobubbles” for ingredient delivery systems in products. 5 Which has been problematic, as shown by research from the University of Michigan, that showed a carbon nanomaterial can pass through immune cell membranes.6

A whole bunch to consider on this topic…

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