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In 1998, Amy Merwin faced a dilemma. Her daughter Britta, a model with flawless skin, was told that to compete in NYC, she needed to have microdermabrasion treatments, due to the clarity and translucence it gives the skin.  As a single mom of 3 kids, that wasn't possible… So this retired RN, with 20 years of experience in health & wellness went to work! Her product Epidermx II, is the result! Now Mom’s hormonal acne and wrinkles were no longer an issue… and the other kids, also struggling with acne, started to use Mom's product. Dad a MD, and Grandpa a Dermatologist, shook their heads, the model's skin glowed, makeup artists and agents raved, and a grass roots business was born!

Here is a link to Amy's product:

NaturDerm Epidermx II

The model grew up to become a Meteorologist. Now TV Anchors with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News joined the list of Actors, Models, MD's, and over 20,000 people just like you, world wide, who share their stories of how Epidermx II™ has improved their lives, and say thanks so much!

Today Amy's daughter, Britta Merwin, is the Morning Meteorologist (AMS certified, Twice Emmy Nominated) with KPRC Channel 2 News in Houston, Texas.
KPRC Channel 2 News Britta Merwin

In 2006 Amy expanded her product line, and NaturDerm products, was born. Still at the helm of our company, Amy is known for her personal touch with customers. Just as she once taught her patients, she continues to teach others about the health of their skin and new advances in skin health and trends. One person at a time, her product was shared between friends, and to this day, Amy, her family, and people all over the world rely on NaturDerm products to look great!

Amy and her daughter, Britta Merwin, during a broadcast break, in the early days of her career.  Britta is the Morning Meteorologist (AMS certified) with KPRC Channel 2 News in Houston, Texas.

You can see Britta with Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Mario Lopez and follow her news on Facebook:

KPRC2 Britta Merwin
Twitter: KPRC Britta

Britta Merwin is also a contributor to the Today Show Parenting Team:
Today Show Parenting Team

Emmy Nominees Meteorologist Britta Merwin (The Founder of NaturDerm's Daughter) and Investigative Reporter and Anchor Andy Cerota of KPRC Channel 2 Houston accepting the Community Service Emmy Award on behalf of their station, KPRC Channel 2. 

Britta Merwin voted Best Meteorologist of 2015 by the Houston Press:

Best Meteorologist


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