What is Hydrophilic Balanced?

What does hydrophilic balanced mean?


Simply put, it enhances optimal product performance and stability. Each NaturDerm product has its own hydrophilic balanced signature. This is important for the skin, because hydrophilic compounds attract water and are hydrated. The word humectant is often used in skin care to describe these compounds. Humectants are hydrophilic polar compounds. The ends of polar molecules have a slightly positive and slightly negative charge. This creates a pull, and this molecular force is a measurement of the atoms attraction for electrons. Water is thought to be polar.

Most polar compounds can dissolve in water, and are termed hydrophilic, or water loving. For example, salt and sugar are polar molecules with a hydrophilic nature. Non-polar compounds are hydrophobic, or water insoluble at room temperature such as, fats, oils, proteins and silicones. If you take a cup of water and add a drop of oil, the oil will appear to form into a ball in the water. This is due to the water molecules driven attraction to the other hydrophilic water molecules in the cup. The water molecules ignore the hydrophobic, non-polar oil compound. The molecules in the oil compound are squeezed tightly to allow the water molecules to increase their bonds. Hydrophobic, non-polar molecules do not attract or repel each other, which increases the pull between the water molecules.

A good example of a hydrophobic product is Dry Water, also known as Liquid Marbles. Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Discovered in 2001 from research dating back to 1968, you probably use cosmetics, skin care and personal care products, like deodorants with this technology. What is it? Water droplets are coated in a hydrophobic powder that makes the water droplet roll – and be water-resistant. 

Ref: naturesraincoats.com

This video clip is an excellent visual of a finger coated in a hydrophobic powder.
Now imagine this coating is in your cosmetic, or skin care product.

Water is a good solvent because hydrophilic compounds attract the hydrophilic water molecules, and the two compounds blend.  For example, lubricants are not needed, when a hydrophilic coating is used as on rubber. The water molecules are attracted to the hydrophilic coating and create a waterproof product. Hydrophilic coatings have a higher degree of wetness. Hydrophilic properties are powerful. The attraction of the water molecules is so extreme, that the water molecules will push away all other molecules to gain access to a hydrophilic membrane. Surface tension is caused by this attraction. The bonds between hydrophilic molecules are very stable, strong hydrogen bonds. This process repels contaminants, which allows cells to remain clean and function.

Below are two figures showing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on the skin and hair follicles of the skin surface, which contain debris and oils.

In Figure 1, we see how ineffective plain water is to remove soil and debris from the skin and hair follicles.

In Figure 2, we see the visible results of a hydrophilic balanced product designed to lower the surface tension of the skin and hair follicles. The soil and debris is nearly gone.

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