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Wrinkle Secrets

The Anti-Wrinkle Maze…

The Science of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH-3)

The world of anti aging skin care is pure science.

The anti aging skin care industry has been revolutionized by synthetic amino acid peptides. Peptides are short chains of amino acids, or proteins. Anti aging products are sophisticated blends of complex ingredients, and peptides are a result of this explosive scientific research.

You may be surprised at the ingredients in your products, and why ingredients are important...

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Skin aging is affected, by damage to the structure of the cells that make up the skin, and internal and external stressors. Cellular damage can be the result of free radical damage, which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin to the lipid, or fat matrix of the skin. These cellular changes, and stressors such as repetitive muscle contractions and the residual muscle tension, all have an affect on wrinkle formation.

Research on BoNT's (Botulinum Neurotoxins) shows that by interrupting repetitive muscle contractions, and the residual muscle tension that remains, visible wrinkles on the skin can be altered. Use of BoNT's (Botulinum Neurotoxins), such as Botox®, to reverse visible signs of facial aging, drives research for alternatives without side effects, and that meet the criteria for cosmetic sales.  

In our body, several compounds are necessary to conduct the release of neurotransmitters, which results in the contraction of a muscle. The release of these neurotransmitters requires a complex of 3 compounds that create a zip-lock connection between the neurons for the contraction to occur. Block the zip-lock, and you affect the contraction, is it that simple? 

This is the basis of Botox.®

Matrixyl® and Leuphasyl® are peptide products that are inspired by research done before and after the muscle contraction.

A gift to aging skin AH-3 is a peptide, that is the most similar to one of the 3 compounds required for the zip-lock” connection between neurons. Many products use an AH-3 preparation called Argireline.® Argireline® is a solution that contains AH-3 and Butyl, Iso-butyl, Methyl and Propyl Parabens. NaturDerm uses only pure Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 in Naturdermx™, as NaturDerm products do not contain parabens.

Advertising claims are regulated on a global level, and any product that is advertised to change the skin for example, that a product can increase collagen production, or DNA repair… crosses the line into drug classification! Worldwide, countries are attempting to regulate Cosmeceuticals and Anti-Aging ingredients. Large companies with departments of attorneys go forward with advertising claims, because customers will pay $150 - $500 for the latest DNA or stem cell product, which is really based upon expensive enzymes, or snake venom, or dragon’s blood, or whatever else happens to be new, and sales fund their expense accounts. What people really want are results.  

We follow regulations for global advertising claims, which now include even written testimonials, regardless if it is the customer’s experience! As a result, we allow our customer’s before and after photos to speak.

In view of the above, AH-3 products are developed, through deep moisture, to provide sophisticated results of facial relaxation, and to rejuvenate aging skin. New Anti-Aging ingredients emerge all the time, for example, there are now 35 adaptations of Acetyl-Hexapeptide. Each one, more expensive than the next, but when the results are no different than AH-3, why change ingredients only to increase the cost to our customers? You can’t change the mechanisms in the body for muscle contraction, we want the most effective ingredients possible. There is a reason why Botox® remains #1.

It is a complex, confusing arena, made worse by the misinformation that exists in the marketing of anti-aging products! Inaccurate information is transposed, copied, and copied again.   We offer information here, in the hope of assisting our customers to understand what the words mean, to enable you to make an educated decision.

Now when you see a product called SNAP this, VAMP, syntaxin, NSF, or V,T, SNARE that, you will be able to see through the marketing, with the truth.

All cells have chemical and electrical properties. Muscles cannot contract without the release of the mineral Calcium. BoNT's (Botulinum Neurotoxins) inhibit the release of Ca++ and bind, or fuse, to synaptic proteins (proteins in the space between 2 neurons, or nerve cells). This release of Ca++ for muscle contractions is called a Calcium trigger. Calcium triggers the formation of the Snare Complex, also called the 20 S Complex, which is a type of Core Synaptic Fusion Complex. This is the most researched form of fusion complex, and it is responsible for the fusion process. The fusion process is controlled by amino acid peptides in the 20 S Complex, and fuses the target and vesicle membranes of the neurons. This fusion causes vesicles in the neurons to release acetylcholine that in turn causes the muscle contraction. Nerve cells are costly and troublesome to culture; it is common in neural studies for chromaffin cells to be substituted. Chromaffin cells can be found in the medulla of the adrenal gland and some ganglia (clusters of nerve cells) of the sympathetic nervous system (regulates involuntary actions such as the heart beat and respiration). Their name is derived due to their ability to be seen when stained with chromium salts. Chromaffin cells secrete catecholamines, not acetylcholine. These studies are often misinterpreted. Neurons secrete acetylcholine.

The synapse is the space between two neurons. A SNAP is a synapse protein that resides in this space (Synaptosome Associated Protein, or Soluble NSF Attachment Protein). A NSF is a fusion protein that regulates formulation and dissociation of complexes needed for membrane fusion (N-ethylamaleimide-sensitive Fusion Protein). A SNARE is a receptor protein. A SNARE is also a VAMP (Vessicle Associated Member Protein). A SNARE resides on the plasma membrane of the neuron. There are Vesicle, V-SNAREs and Target, or Target membrane, T-SNAREs. This is a highly sophisticated, confusing realm of complicated physiological interactions. The terminology is randomly, and often inaccurately used in the skin care industry.

Syntaxins are a type of SNARE protein (receptor protein), and are polypeptides. Humans have 15 members in the syntaxin family. In mammals they are trans-membrane proteins with a coiled-coil alpha helical structure. Syntaxins, SNAREs, and SNAPs have to do with transportation across cellular membranes with different operational structures within the cell. Syntaxins interact with other proteins. The cellular function of a syntaxin is determined by its location. For example, syntaxin-4 is essential to transport glucose molecules to the membranes of insulin receptor cells. The SNARE domain of a syntaxin regulates how it interacts with other domains.

The 20 S Complex, or SNARE complex is comprised of specific proteins. One of these proteins is called, SNAP-25. A slight disruption of SNAP-25 destabilizes the connection and blocks the fusion of the neurons, which blocks the muscle contraction.

A synthetic peptide (protein), Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH-3) is a 6-mer peptide patterned after the N end of N-terminal domain of the SNAP-25 protein.


*Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan.  Argireline®, and Leuphasyl® are registered trademarks of CenterChem. Matrixyl® is a registered trademark of Sederma.

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