Why NaturDerm?

We are passionate about improving the lives of others and putting a smile on the faces of others, daily!  We believe in multi-functional products that do what they say they'll do… 
The NaturDerm promise:
• no Silicones
• no Parabens
• no Petroleum-based ingredients
• no SLS or ALS
• no Propylene, butyl or ethyl glycol
• no Formaldehyde releasors or excess preservatives
• no Fillers, paraffins or synthetic waxes
• no Myristates or pthalates
• no Artificial color
• no Artificial fragrance
• no Animal testing or by-products
• no GMO
• Organic natural based
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-comedogenic
• pH correct to skin (Acidic pH)
• Hydrophilic balanced
• Preservative free ingredients
• Microbiology tested
• Tamper proof sealed
• Eco friendly
• Animal friendly
• Vegan

NaturDerm is a leader in microdermabrasion based non silicone Anti Aging organic skin care products without parabens or petrochemicals.
Silicones are hydrophobic compounds. This video clip is an excellent visual of a finger coated in a hydrophobic powder. Now imagine this coating is in your cosmetic, or skin care product.

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Why don’t companies make multi-functional products?

Well, they can, it just costs more, and eats into profit margins. Two common reasons, for a company to offer dozens of products to address multiple skin issues, are to capture market shares, or the formulations are based on outdated technology. Neither reason places your needs first!

NaturDerm products really are different. At NaturDerm, the focus is not on market share. The focus is on meeting your needs, or as Amy says, I didn't wake up one day and say, I think I'll start a skin care company...The Founder of NaturDerm developed a product, to meet a need in her family, that ended up meeting the needs of thousands of people world wide. Often natural based products lack high tech scientific advancements, and products that are high tech, often lack the benefits of natural ingredients. NaturDerm products blend both worlds.  Think of it as nature with a boost!

NaturDerm products are produced in a cGMP certified FDA approved manufacturing facility, with Research and Development, and Quality Control departments. Before any NaturDerm product is produced, every raw ingredient is quarantined, and undergoes independent 3 day microbiological testing. Each product batch is quarantined, undergoes independent 3 day microbiological testing, and a Certificate of Analysis is recorded on each product. Samples of every product batch are maintained for seven years. To insure the purest products possible for our customers, small controlled batches are filled in sterilized containers with tamper proof seals. Only after all of these rigorous tests have been met, are NaturDerm products released for sale to customers.  NaturDerm products are registered for sale in the EU.



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