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Epidermx II/NaturDerm products Testimonials: Scars & Stretch Marks


Great product using for scar on face. Really making a difference. Margaret G.

The cream is wonderful! I have only been using it a week and I see results on my stretch marks already! M. G. Ohio

Exactly as described, great stretch mark product!! Thanks! K.S.

Unbelievable! The change on my stretch marks has been dramatic in just a short period of time! Julie C.

I have used your Stretch Mark products on my 13 year old stretch marks, from 3 kids, for about a month now and I see a lot of improvement! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! I am hoping they disappear soon! Emily T. Iowa

OMG!!! IT WORKS!!! I just had a son and I had BAD stretch marks!! I LOVE IT!!! Jackie O. Massachusetts


I am happy to let you know that after using this product for only 3 days I have seen results on my stretch marks already! I am a believer! Thanks and God Bless You for such a wonderful product...also have you ever considered teaming up with Home Shopping Network?? cause I guarantee there are thousands of people who will love this product, a good product like this needs to be known! Aileen M.


Only used it for a week on my stretch marks, the results are GREAT!! I am sure I'll be back for more!! Jen M. Montana

I used it for the first time last night, I am impressed with what I woke up to in the morning!! I am SOOO looking forward to the next couple of weeks! I usually expect some improvement over weeks, or months (yes I am that patient!) but to see some softening around the rims of my larger scars is amazing! I NEVER thought that a product would even touch them. My hopes were to address the smaller ones and live with the rest. Now I have some hope!! N. A.B. Canada

AMAZED!! I have used your products for 3 days on my stretch marks and see results.... INCREDIBLE!! I will be back!! Cynthia M.

I cannot tell you how great your products work on my stretch marks!!! Thank you!! Jen S.


I cannot say enough about this stretch mark product except you must try it!!! L.O.

I gave birth to my son, Matthew Evan, on May 24, thanks to Epidermx II I was confidentenough to have my photo taken on the day of his birth with no make up at all!!! I started Epidermx II aprox 5 weeks before giving birth.  I still have quite a bit of pigmentation from the pregnancy, but my skin has improved dramatically, a lot less bumpy and some of the acne scars have disappeared! Cheers, Stella

My stretch marks of 15 years have started to disappear!!! Tanya E.

Hello, I ordered the Epidermx II cream from you in order to reduce localized stretch marks on my stomach. Super product! immediate and incredible results! See you soon, Dorothee France

I am getting ready to be in a wedding and I have stretch marks on my arms. I just use the product a couple of times and could feel the skins texture changing. It started working fast like 3 days and I saw slight lightening!!  Thanks, Kristin H.

I can see the difference after the first application!!! Thank you so much for a great stretch mark product!! Alex A.

I haven't been using it for long but it does seem to work so far, they are fading. Talia H.

It is really working great on my stretch marks! Thank you! Shevawn Michigan

My stretch marks are FADING!!!! THANK YOU!!! Debbie H.

I started to use your products on my face and saw such great results, I started to use them on my stretch marks. I can't believe how great it works I am telling everyone on the stretch mark forums!! Thank you! Sandy T.

My brown spots are fading, yea!!! Thank you! Celia

EpidermxII is truly an outstanding product!! I have used many of the most expensive creams and peels (Alpha Hydroxy Acids etc) and none has delivered a fraction of the benefit of this products. After even just one use it has a dramatic effect on skin texture and blackheads. After just 2 months it has greatly helped with both pigmentation and scars. Even my hypertrophic scar is much improved!! I urge everyone and anyone to use these products!! Thank you!
David South Africa

I am a cancer survivor and have embarrassing scars on my chest. I have tried everything my doctor can think of... Retin A, cortisone... the list goes on and on and so do the scars.... I can't believe the difference your products have made for me! Thank you so much for changing my life! Margaret Lynch

Incredible product!! Everyone is right! I have had scars at the corners of my mouth ever since I can remember from when I chomped down on an electrical cord when I was 18 months old. I am now 42. I have just used your Epidermx II 5 days in a row, (I can hardly wait for bedtime to use it!) and the scars are GONE!!! 40 YEAR SCARS!! I cannot thank you enough, you are a Godsend!! Wishing you every good thing!! Alicia

Your Epidermx II is a miracle in a jar!! I have suffered from scars and have had such great results, I gave a friend some of your product... She has acne and now her skin looks incredible from this stuff, she says it looks better than it has in her whole life!! Her skin is all clear and it glows, I want you to know she was in tears! THANKS A MILLION!! Terri

Having had problem skin all my life. My skin was always waxy, oily, blemished, and fields of blackheads were a curse I was embarassed to have to bear. Wrinkles and lines began to form at an early age making me look much older than I felt. I was also born with a severe crease in my forehead caused by the muscles in my brow forming too tightly; and I look as if I am in a deep frown all the time-even when I smile. I discussed a remedy with a plastic surgeon and he said I would need to have my entire forehead peeled down, have the muscles examined, and cut them away from the brow. After healing from that they would have to address the remaining impressions in my skin. I was told it may always look like I had a problem there even after they took out the muscle because of how long the skin was folded in that position. With the NaturDerm products I am already smoothing away the lines and making the skin more even. For the first time in my life I have had compliments on my skin. If I eventually can afford to get the surgery to remove the muscles, I am confident that the skin will look like new and I'll be a new man. You literally changed my life, and I am grateful every single day.
Todd R.

Just a quick note to say that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!!! I've been using the EpidermxII, and Chrysalyx every day. Frankly, I expected it to take a couple a months to see any real results, and I was fine with that seeing as at least there was some light at the end of the tunnel, but oh my goodness! After just using your products every day for a week, I already see soooooo much improvement!  The texture of my skin has improved so much, and while the red scar marks are still there I can ALREADY tell that they are fading.  After just one week!!!  I'm definitely going to be a customer for life!Thanks SO much!! I didn't think that any products out there could help my skin so much! Liz H

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