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Epidermx II/NaturDerm products Testimonials: and Skin Issues...


Really the BEST!! My pores thank you!! R. M. Washington

I have been plagued with adult acne for it seems forever. I have tried so many things over the past several years but nothing has been great. Epidermx II has really helped clear up my skin and my skin looks great. Sheila D. VA


This is a fantastic product line!! My freckled 47 year old skin is getting clearer and softer!! Thank you! Sylvie

My son is 14 - and like most dads - I would do anything for him - When he started to breakout and have skin problems - I took him to the dermatologist - she put him on oral antibiotics, clindamycin lotion, and Retin-A - the results have never been 100% - infact they have consistently been under 50% - but, what do you do - it was better than it was - then we heard about your microdermabrasion cream - to be honest with you I didn't think it would do anything -- but - I bought a jar and my son tried it out - the 2 days he kept up with the doctor's regimen and used the cream too - within that time we were surprised to notice a 20% improvement in his acne - You need to know that we have never witnessed this much improvement this fast - Then - he wanted to know what it would do on it's own - so he made the decision to stop using the dermatologist's stuff and just use the EpidermxII - I am shocked - we both are shocked! In 5 days he has had more than a 50% improvement and he has never had that - We are going to go have a little chat with his doctor!!! Thank you , so much - for making my son very happy!!! Dan H.Florida

Hello! I have had the opportunity to use this product 3 times so far, and so far it seems like a very clean, non-irritating product. I have always had very clear skin, and could probably count on one hand how many blemishes I have had, and I am 35 years old. Until recently. I have Narcolepsy, and was blessed to be able to participate in a clinical trial for a new medication for my illness. The med works great, however, side effects include acne!!! my always dry skin is now an oil slick, and I initially broke out with six blemishes, all over my chin, that lasted for 6 months, and today I still have the remenants of one of them!!I really do like this product. Even though I have just started using it, I do feel and see that my skin is much smoother, and even toned. One of those bad breakouts that seemed to last over six months was still there, and dry. Only with the 3 uses, it is much flatter, and the dryness is much more balanced. That is great all by itself!!! thanks mucho!
J. King

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE your product! I was very skeptical, but thought I would give it a try. I used the cream the first night I received it and could not believe the immediate difference in the look and feel of my skin after just one use. The next morning my face felt baby soft and was MUCH less oily. I have extremely oily skin and am very prone to breakouts. I just love how my make-up glides on, looks so much better, and lasts all day because I am not anywhere near as oily. Anyway, I can't wait to see what my results will be with continued use. This stuff is FABULOUS!!! I will be back for more! Thanks!! Rhonda

I know it's been a little while since I spoke with you. I am out of my jars of GOLD!!! I wanted to tell you I have a daughter who will be 19 yrs. old in April. Her face is badly scarred from acne, plus she still breaks out. So I told her to try the cream...the difference is absolutely amazing!!!!!! By the time her birthday gets here I really feel she will look fabulous! Her skin is really responding to the cream...face is really smoothing out and the color is more even and the scars are going away and she only used it for about two weeks so far! In her case do you think it would be ok if she used it everyday for 2 to 3 minutes?? I can not thank you enough for this cream. You are truly a blessing in our lives and I know you are a blessing in many, many others lives. Again thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my daughter. You are a God send. 4 weeks later: I am going to try to find a picture of my daughter. Please give me a little time...she hated having her picture taken because of her acne, so I'll have to hunt for one. My hubby is so amazed with her complexion...he was just commenting about her face the other nite and saying how great it looks!
Sherri R.

I have oily skin, rosacea, broken capillaries and I just can't believe I am looking at myself in the mirror!! T. Canada

I AM CONVINCED THIS WORKS!!! My 15 year old son used Epidermx II for one week and saw his acne (xx) !!! Joe K

I just wanted to let you know that the results from Epidermx II have been great. I have been plagued with adult acne for it seems forever. I have tried so many things over the past several years but nothing has been great. Epidermx II has really helped clear up my skin and my skin looks great. I have already ordered more. Thanks for a great improvement of a great product!
Sheila D.

I am 20 years old and have suffered with cystic acne for 7 years - the dermatologist has had me on several systems - nothing of which has worked - it is genetic - my dad and brother did too - it is embarassing - painful and humiliating to walk around with nasty cystic boils on my face, to have scars, to not feel comfortable going swimming in the summertime because I have to go without a shirt and the worst ones are on my back - I would try anything that might help and have - last year the doctors put me on Accutane - and it is the only thing that seemed to decrease the breakouts - altho even it didn't take them all away - it is a decision that was hard to make - it is a drug with alot of side effects and I feel not good that I have to have liver enzyme tests every 2 months - it scares me - When I went the last time something must've been off because they wouldn't renew my prescription - I was nervous - I thought oh no - I'm going to breakout bad again -- Then a friend let me use some of the EpidermxII she didn't see me for 2 weeks - and she cried when she did - You see - this is what has happened to me - For the first time in 7 years I have had 2 little breakouts in 2 weeks - no cystic breakouts and amazingly - the pitts and scares are smoothing out - my skin has never looked like this - and I am smiling - alot - I used to smile before - but my heart didn't. Now all of me is!!! I didn't think it was possible for me to look like this - My dad and brother are now using it too! Thank you!!!!! Mark D. Colorado

I am quite excited about how my acne scars are diminishing!! Sue

You didn't lie! This is really a miracle! I have tried glycolic peels, TCA peels, and I have very sensitive irritated skin. It worked so well on my skin, it is smaller after one use! And my skin looks healthy, not abraded, it actually looks relieved! I always swell up and get red! I really thought your product would be good, I did, but I am in AWE!!! I have tried everything!! I KNOW skin care products, but this is a gift from above!! You seem so trustworthy, but I had no idea it would be what you said!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Sue E.

I just wanted to let you know that the results from your products has been great!! I have been plagued with adult acne for it seems forever. I have tried so many things over the past several years but nothing has been great. Epidermx II has really helped clear up my skin and my skin looks great!! Thank you for a great product!! Sheila D.

I love your products!! Epidermx II has made such a difference on my face and is keeping me from breaking out! At 43 years old, I was getting very tired of zits and blackheads... I haven't had a breakout now in months! Thanks for such a terrifice product that actually does what everyone says it will! Jaymi C. Oregon

I have suffered from moderate adult acne and nothing stops the breakouts! I used the EpidermxII for 3 days straight and my skin looks wonderful! Thanks again for making me beautiful! Quimma

My acne is concentrated on the side of my face and sometimes it feels like I am wearing lamb chops. My face is also dotted with brown spots, all of this happened after the birth of my first child. I have been to Dermatologists, nothing has helped, except your Epidermx II! My acne is diminishing, I have never seen anything work as well on my skin. Your product doesn't dry my skin out, or make it red, and my skin is sensitive. Thank you! Michelle S. California


I am using the microdermabrasion creme and justlove it! It has worked wonders with enlarged pores and rough skin. Along with such a wonderful smell, my skin just feels fantastic andclean after I use it. Mary Jane S.

Thank you for the speedy shipment!!! Of course I had to try it right away, and I have to tell you that after one time, thank you so much. I am 26 and I was in a car accident when I was 15, my face went through the windshield, so needless to say, I have plenty of scars and on top of those the enlarge pores from where some of the glass has worked it's way out. I just want to say that I can tell the difference already, and that finally I don't feel so insecure about myself anymore. I will most likely be ordering more in the future.
Jennifer K.

Amazing stuff!!! just buy it now! J.P. New Jersey

Epidermx II really helps my pores! Bennie D. California

Thank you!! I love it and I have to say it is making my pores smaller and getting rid of my old acne scars!! Amelia

I have been using the Epidermx II for about a year now, I love it!! I have noticed the lines on my forehead, and the deep lines on my upper lip are all smoothed out. I think the biggest improvement has been in my pores! I will send friends your way!! Thank you! Daria Texas

I have got to tell you that I have been using your Epidermx II cream for about a week now and I must tell you it is the most fantastic skin product that I have ever purchased!!! My skin is awful, veryoily, blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, the only good thing about having oily skin is I don't have any wrinkles!! As I applied the product in circular motions, I SAW the blackheads lift right out! This is DYNOMITE!! I cannot tell you how excited and amazed I was as I worked it on my skin!! I am so pumped up about this I can't sleep! Thank you! Jo C. Nevada

Do you remember me? My pores are smaller and my acne scars are a lot flatter! I would like to say that the Epidermx II is very good!! Eddie

I just wanted to let you know that we got the products last Friday, my kids were so anxious to get started, they all washed their faces and used the cream immediately. As we were eating dinner, I just kept staring at them. I finally asked my husband if it was me, or if he noticed any difference in their skin. Then they all started talking at once, saying that they noticed that their brother and sisters acne was not as red and that the rest of their skin looked really good. That was just after using it one time!! Carol

My daughter has been using your product now for several weeks and we have seen a remarkable change happening! I am so excited for her! Your product is an answer to prayers! The first week of use seemed to draw out toxins and we were still skeptical but I knew what was under the surface had to come out before the healing could begin.  The second week her skin color started evening out and now some very apparent healing has begun!She has been made fun of all of her life, and we just cannot believe the change! I am so very happy for her! Pam


My cousin Natalie is 30 years old...always had perfect complexion until a few years ago...now over the past couple of months she found out she also has Rosacea. I told her about your cream. She was afraid to try it..so I sent her home with a small pot and told her to read your pamplet and I pleaded with her to give it a try. It took her a few days to finally work up the courage to give it a try and she is so glad she did!! She said her Rosacea isn't as red and those patches on her face are going a way!! Thank you so much!!! I sing your praises all the time...you have a fantastic product...your doing such a wonderful service to people everywhere!! Natalie was so depressed over her skin and after one use of your cream, it changed her how out look on the future of her skin...she is so happy! Sher H.

I love the natural scent and how clean my face feels!! I have mild rosacea and some blotchy brown patches from having HRT for 13 years, I am so happy to see my skin look so great!! Thank you for a great product! Pam

I have oily skin, rosacea, broken capillaries and I just can't believe I am looking at myself in the mirror!! T. Canada

I have died and gone to heaven! After years of having psoriasis, my cheekbone and eyebrow are finally healing and are almost clear! Pat B.

Really the best dermabrasion product on the market, does wonders for my psoriasis! Ollie P.


I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product! I recently received my first jar, and after only two uses the results are amazing. I've tried everything and I am currently using glycolic acid, but this product seems to give better results with no burning or redness. And my skin looks great!  I have had a 50% reduction in my facial scars. Much better results than from my $130 microdermabrasion treatment at the clinic! You can count on my consistent orders for the full jars! Thank you! Sincerely, Jackie S.

I cannot wait until tonight so I can use it, and see more results. It is making my skin look so much better and it is only been 2 weeks or less. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!! Can I get a jar a month, it is really starting to exfoliate my sun damage and scars!!! I feel like my confidence is coming back again! Wendy, CT


Everyone was right. Incredible product! Gotta buy a full sized jar. I've had scars at the corners of my mouth ever since Ican remember from when I chomped down on an electrical cord when I was 18 months old. I am now 42. I've used this product for 5 evenings in a row (I can hardly wait for bedtime these days just so I can give myself the treatment!), and the scars are gone! 40 year scars. iIcan't thank you enough. you are a Godsend!Wishing you every good thing! Alicia

I saw my son today for the first time in several weeks and I couldn't believe the difference!! The craters are actually becoming smaller! I can't thank you enough for this product! You are a God send! Pat B.

Incredible results! Like a gentle sloughing off of scarring, great product, thanks! Vicky D. Alabama

Great product, it is helping my old acne scars!! Faith

AMAZED!! I have used for three days and see results...incredible...will be back!!! Cynthia M.

Wow! I have really bad acne scars and it helped significantly, and I only used it about 5 times and in the morning a few times just to exfoliate, then I used it on my feet...it worked good! Just awesome can’t say enough about it! Brandy

I love Epidermx II!! My scars are disappearing!! Linda C.
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU!!! My skin has always suffered from terrible painful acne breakouts and with using the Face Foam along with the Epidermx II my skin has not had ANY major breakouts and the texture of my skin has began to smooth out and even out. I am AMAZED at what your products have done for me since my skin is really difficult to manage. I will definitely be a life long customer!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Dee

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