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Epidermx II/NaturDerm products Testimonials: More - we love it!

I can't say enough about this cream! I have seen such DRASTIC results in such a short time! Crista C.

I cant believe the search is over. Finally, something that works on my skin! You have such a great product and your service has been excellent!! Elaine R.

Cant wait to get back on my special secret?, it is some special stuff!! I love it!! Tom S.

I need 2 jars!! I have to share this with more people!! I decided to see what a difference daily use would make , so I use it at night and it is really obvious if I am inconsistent in a spot! Its been a week and a half and I noticed how nice my skin looked at a glance in the mirror!! Thank you so much!! Briana S.

Hi! Bought the cream from you and LOVE IT! You mentioned you have other skin care products??? Please email me with the details! Thanks! Jourdan

Hi,I have tried your product and my face feels so clean! I am 63 yrs, I do not have any wrinkles I just want my skin to be brighter... Great product, will keep in touch - Gail L.

I love this product! Thank-you!! Sincerly, Laura W.

I have just received the product today, and used it at once, it feels amazing on my skin! I love the smell! wonderful, wonderful!  Adelle L.

These really are the best products I've ever used. Janice C.

Thank you for the microdermabrasion cream! I absolutely love it and want to order the larger size. I also wanted to tell you what a wonderful product this is and that I appreciate someone telling others about it. Please let me know what to do to place an order! Thanks again,
Robert B.

I've used your product for a little over 2 weeks and love it. Please tell me how I can purchase a full size.Thank you, Sharon T.

I just want to say how great your cream is! I will be forty this week and your cream has made me feel 25 or 30! its really great stuff! My mother also used it and loves it! She is 60 and really is amazed with the results! She has tried everything! Thank you! We will be buying more!!! Barbie

Okay, how can I get more of this terrific stuff? I just used it this morning on my worst area--my chest--that has gotten so dry from tanning over the years (I am 39), and I don't feel one bump or dry patch at all!! Amazing stuff!! My skin instantly looked 10 years younger!!Please let me know what amount to send you for a couple of jars. I am going on vacation soon, and definitely want some with me!!Thanks!! Lisa~

Thanks again. I have had more compliments on my skin, no one believes I am a grandmother and 50. They all think I am in my mid 30's. I should have done a before and after. Feel free to use me as a reference. Mona D.

Wow!!! What a terrific product. I love this stuff. Will order more. Thanks!! Johanna

I have just received the product today, and used it at once, it feels amazing on my skin! I love the smell! wonderful, wonderful! Adelle L.

I am just thrilled with the results of the cream...it is above and beyonds anything else I have ever used! Jill J.

I am going keep track on your products..I see a difference now, Iused only two times your product.. and amazed me alot.. Its awsome.. Aga

I know you have thousands of testimonials but just want you to hear it again how wonderful I think your products are!!!  Since I began to use your beauties, I have quit wearing any form of foundation makeup! Margaret L.

Your product contains a crystal called a Corundum Crystal. Inside of ALL crystals is something called an inclusion - this is a tiny pocket with water in it - because it is so, so, so small -- the molecules of water spin in it - they vibrate at a high speed and exchange energy with other molecules in the water you are using on your skin - this is why the use of water appears to activate the product - the energy produced flattens out the skin - this is what makes the wrinkles and lines appear to smooth out - I would expect this is also why you have the results you do with acne - it probably purges the pores. R. Wachsman - MIT physicist

I am 66 - I have been using top of the line skin care products all of my life - infact skin care is my business - I have been told that I look like I am in my forties - when I heard about the Epidermx II I didn't think it would have much of an effect on me - Was I surprised - after just 2 uses - my skin's texture and tone was dramatically different - I never expected this - you should see me know - I am a believer!! Diane F. Colorado

I just finished trying the microdermabrasion creme and absolutely love it! The smell is fresh and wonderful as well. I was afraid to use it too soon as I had used a glycolic peel last week and was still flaking a little from its use. I must say your microdermabrasion product took all that away and my skin feels so much better. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks again for everything! Best Regards, Marcia

Hi,I have used the microdermabrasion cream twice. Wow! This product is everything you said it would be. Marty L.

Since I have started using the products, I haven't broken out at all, which is rather amazing! Suzyn F.

Hi, I just ran out of my jar of your product. I can't believe the difference in my skin. My husband says that I actually glow!! Thanks Again, CAROL

I want you to know that I think the new EpidermxII is AWESOME!! At first I wasn't sure I liked it. But, after using it only two nights, I was amazed at the difference in the texture of my skin and the disappearance of fine lines. I have always taken very good care of my skin but, since I am almost 60, I have to deal with fine lines around my eyes and lips and a little sagging skin. My skin felt tighter right away. I have always had a problem with skin tags around my neck and the Epidermx really helped smooth them out, but the EpidermxII has made them all but disappear! I love the fragrance and how my skin feels after using it. I really like using it every night. I look forward to it! Sandy L.

HI, I just bought your product and tried it yesterday for the first time on this 45 year old tired face. I was delighted with how it felt and this morning at the hairdressers she noticed a difference in my skin! How often may I use this product as the microdermabrasion? I thank you so much for an incredible product! Suzee

This stuff is great. I jave tried lots of high end products but no professional services-too $$$ but would gladly pay top$$ for this cream. Will be purchasing more quantity as well as some other things from your line and sharing info with friends! Antoinette

The Chrysalyx is great! I noticed firming right away!! Tina G. AZ

I use Chrysalyx 3 days after laser rejuvenation, it boosts the results!! J. P. Maryland

Already incredible results as a face cream, when I run out of Naturdermx and Chrysalyx I can see it! Mary B. Canada

I purchased this a little while ago. I have used it 2 times! WOW what a difference!!!! GREAT STUFF!!!! S. Kirby

I have used several different non-botox products, none of them worked as fast as your Naturdermx, it really is an incredible product. I have noticed over the last few months that the texture of my skin is changing, it is really smooth and fine, and my fine lines are just gone!  I am just so impressed with this product! Some of the others I bought were twice the price, thank you for making a great product at an affordable price!  Melissa T.

Incredible product! I can't wait to order the rest of the line! Immediate results! Lianne L.

Holy Cow! This stuff is great!  The products have made a nearly instant change that is noticeable by everyone around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Claudia Loveland, Colorado

I just love the Chrysalyx! I can't believe I see improvement already.  I put on my make-up and the lines around my lips and at the corners of my mouth appeared not as deep as they were. My whole face appears tighter! Thank you! Marilyn J. FL

I am thrilled with the results of these products! I have literally spent thousands of dollars on skincare, and never have I seen such fast and unbelievable results. Derby CA

It really does work just like everyone says it does!! I love it! Jacqui A.

You did not tell me it is big poufy foam! This stuff is good enough to eat!! Patty W.

Thanks so much.  I use and LOVE the Face Foam! I've been using it for almost 2 months and have most of the bottle left. Thanks again! Serena C.

The light, clean scent is wonderful.  I can take my regular mascara off with it and it doesn't take very much and is so gentle.  It does not sting my eyes and leaves no creamy residue.  My eye makeup is completely off and my eye area feels very clean. A bottle lasts me many months. I absolutely love it, please don't every stop making it!! Michelle L. California

As for the products. I am just blown away. BLOWN AWAY! I just can't get over how great my skin looks and feels.  I won't bore you with more gushing....I'm sure you hear the same stuff over and over again....but mark me down as one satisfied little lady! Sara Lousiana

I am thrilled with the results of these products! I have literally spent thousands of dollars on skincare, and never have I seen such fast and unbelievable results. Derby California

This product is such a find! What a relief to find something that actually works amid the glutted cosmetics/cosmeceutical market! Circe L.

This product is great! I noticed a huge difference after just one use! Much better than ISkin! Patti G.

Dear Amy,
Having had problem skin all my life, I was never one who had the luxury of taking a good face day for granted. My skin was always waxy, oily, blemished, and fields of blackheads were a curse I was embarassed to have to bear. As I grew older, wrinkles and lines began to form at an early age making me look much older than I felt.

As the Manager of an exclusive Spa, I need to look as healthy as the treatments I sell to my guests. After using your wonderful products, I cannot believe the difference in my skin texture and appearance. People often guess me at five to ten years younger than my real age of nearly 45. Each morning as I use your skin regimen, I feel like I have a special edge to help keep me looking and feeling young and vibrant. I love the rich scent of lavender, the consistent way that your product always goes on smooth and flawless. For the first time in my life I have had compliments on my skin.

You have a loyal customer, and I promote your products as the absolute top shelf choice to all my guests. You have an exclusive section in our retail area, and we have even added a NaturDerm facial to our treatment menu. I recently had the opportunity to speak before a group of 80 women at the local country club about spa services. Standing before them as a living testimonial to your products, telling your story, and then offering samples brought forth an enthusiastic spontaneous round of applause sent forth in your honor.

How do you thank someone enough for making you feel fresh, young, and confident? You literally changed my life, and I am grateful every single day that you chose to put your expertise into a field that truly helps others on such a personal level.

Thank you Amy,
Todd R.

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