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Our Founder's daughter accepts Emmy Award ~

The Founder of NaturDerm's daughter, Emmy Nominees Meteorologist Britta Merwin, and Investigative Reporter and Anchor Andy Cerota of KPRC Channel 2 Houston accepting the Community Service Emmy Award on behalf of their station, KPRC Channel 2.  Congratulations to you all, we are so proud of you!

You may read their story here: http://greatnewskin.com/pages/our-story



Mother's Day hugs on KPRC Channel 2 News Houston and Today!

I had some Mother's Day surprises on KPRC Channel 2 News Houston and the Today Show Parenting Team, love the hugs from my daughter, Meteorologist Britta Merwin! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration too!



Welcome from Amy

Welcome to GreatNewSkin and NaturDerm Products!

Never did I expect that in my late 50’s, my skin would look better than when I was 30… How we look impacts how we see ourselves, do you agree?

I never had nice skin, and as I aged, it got worse. I had to work really hard, and use makeup to hide what I saw in the mirror. I struggled with hormonal acne, blackheads, little facial scars, melasma (hyperpigmentation or age spots) and wrinkles, especially deep frown lines. The older I got, aging skin issues increased, now I had puffy dull tired wrinkled sagging skin and the texture, ugh… It did affect how I felt about myself.

When my daughter began to model in NYC, our lives changed because of a product I developed for her, Epidermx II. Now I haven’t really worn makeup since 2000, and that speaks volumes! Back then we called it the “ no makeup club! “ My kids and I still not only use our products daily, we depend on them. I truly believe our products are the best in the world. Today, my daughter is a Meteorologist. Try going on air with puffy skin and eyes, you’ll get comments from viewers. Being in front of a high definition camera at 4 am is daunting! ...unless you have a secret and use Chrysalyx!

As a retired RN, who taught professionals for 20 years about wellness, I have a passion for research. I didn’t know that most skin care products contain silicones, and the effect they were having on my skin. I saw the results, daily in the mirror, and I wasn’t happy, and as a single mom with 3 kids, I sure didn’t have the income to do anything for myself to change it.

These products have changed my skin, how I see myself, and my life. In 2000 microdermabrasion was new, it was nearly non-existent in the market. After a few months of daily use, my acne issues were no longer an issue, and my aged skin was being transformed before my eyes. Back then, I didn’t understand the impact on the skin of the daily removal of the junk from the day, but I couldn’t deny the results, or the comments from others saying, “You have beautiful skin!” The first few times, I actually looked around thinking they were speaking to someone else… When I was testing what is now Naturdermx, I was speaking at a conference, woke up and I couldn’t remember if I had washed my face, I know that sounds ridiculous if you are under the age of 50! I looked in the mirror and my skin looked great, so I went and spoke…later in the afternoon I realized that I actually had not washed my face, and I didn’t have makeup on... I thought, wow, this is a great product!

We work closely with our customers. Many of their stories are heart wrenching. As we walked the journey of their great new skin stories, their hearts and lives were changed, as much as their skin. This is the inspiration for the “You” section of this site. We are passionate about improving the lives of others, and I thank you for helping to make that possible!

Our time is a valuable gift, and if you are reading my message here, thank you for the time that you have given to me! So today, go stand in front of your mirror, look at yourself, smile and love - you, God loves you; you are beautiful! Give yourself a big hug from me; today is a new day!