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  • Pricier Cosmetics in 2016?
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    Amy Merwin

Pricier Cosmetics in 2016?

Will you be paying more for cosmetics in 2016?

The answer is yes, if S.1014-Personal Care Products Safety Act sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein passes. This bill will require cosmetics companies to pay FDA user fees and will allow states to continue to pass legislation unique to the state, which require specific labeling laws to sell products to consumers in that state, such as Prop. 65 and other state laws, for example that had an affect on companies like Jason Organics. S.1014 will place regulations on the cosmetics industry that are higher than OTC (over the counter drugs) or dietary supplement products.


There is a second bill that offers increased consumer protection without heavy regulations and user fees for the FDA. H.R. 4075 provides national uniformity for cosmetics regulations, which would prevent a state, for example, from imposing specific labeling requirements, for retail sales within that state.

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    Amy Merwin