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    Amy Merwin
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Boost your romance?

A recent study done by Revlon and Fordham University measured how partners reacted when women followed a daily ritual:

  • facing a mirror
  • using a favorite fragrance
  • applying makeup
  • savoring a candy
  • taking a deep breath
  • looking at herself and smiling

The study with hundreds of participants showed:

  • 97% of participants saw a significant positive change within the first week
  • 71% felt a greater desire for romance
  • 69% were more open to seek love
  • 77% felt more engaging with others
  • 74% said they were more inclined to flirt
  • 85% of the women in the study noticed a positive change in the reaction of others
  • 65% received more compliments from their partner or date
  • 56% experienced more flirting from others


More info:  http://www.skininc.com/treatments/cosmetics/-Do-Makeup-Rituals--Love-Video-338312282.html?utm_source=newsletter-html&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI+E-Newsletter+11-05-2015

  • Author avatar
    Amy Merwin
  • CommunitySkin Trends 2016