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2016 Skin Care Trends

Natural-based anti aging skin care, salt therapy (thalassotherapy), multi-benefit products, wellness workplace and travel, spa visits, apps and subscriptions top the skin care trends for 2016 ~ what will your plans be?

Our Face Foam uses these properties:


  1. Workplace Wellness
    In addition to great business opportunities, look to see companies add this trend to your employee benefits…you can always request!
    2. Cannabis in the Spa
    As more states legalize marijuana physical cannabis skin care products are entering the spa markets.
    3. Multi-tasking with Multi-masking
    With busy schedules, doesn’t everyone love more efficient products? Look in 2016 for the use of several facial masks to address separate skin issues and skin care products that offer more than one benefit. 3-4 NaturDerm products can do the work of 12, or as we like to say, we can’t give you more time in your day; we can give you more time in your hour!™
    4. Instant International Inspiration
    From forest, mud and sand bathing, to K-beauty (Korean skin care), where will you go?
    5. Wellness-focused Travel
    Maybe an international multi-tasking wellness travel trip paid by your company will be on your 2016 agenda?
    6. Spa Subscriptions
    7. Spas in the App Store

    If your company won’t spring for a trip, maybe a subscription or App?
    8. Adopting Halotherapy
    Similar to salt therapy (thalassotherapy), halotherapy is dry salt therapy in salt rooms and caves. Enjoy NaturDerm Triple Lavender Face Foam – SLS/ALS free with enzymes and a blend of 3 yummy lavenders for a multi-tasking treat – tones and cleans in one step!
  2. 9. Demographics are Dead
    You are more than a face to us at GreatNewSkin ~
    10. Demanding Natural
    We’ve been with you on this one since 1998!

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    Amy Merwin
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