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  • Sunscreens, lye and the EU…
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    Amy Merwin

Sunscreens, lye and the EU…

What do they have in common?...

If you live in the EU, last week, a lot.  

Finally the EU approved Zinc Oxide as a UV Filter for sunscreen. This long standing dance in Brussels opens up the doors.
Pretty remarkable when you consider the tandem approval of Potassium Hydroxide, as an ingredient for skin care.  An issue we’ve covered, and is an alarming trend in Anti Aging products, as it is a lye base.

EU Products containing Potassium Hydroxide, must include a warning label that says, "contains alkali, avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach of children and read directions for use carefully."

Here is a link to our earlier post:

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    Amy Merwin