Epidermx II™  -  microdermabrasion cream
Epidermx II™ is a hydrophilic-balanced microdermabrasion cream with a silky, soft feel and a luscious tropical scent.  Designed for the daily removal of dead skin and debris. It helps keep skin clean, glowing and healthy to combat acne, blackheads, dull tired skin, and refine skin tone and texture.

Naturdermx™  -  ultimate peptide complex, non-Botox® wrinkle serum
Inspired by the science of Botox®, Naturdermx™ is an amino acid based moisturizer with antioxidants, plus the non-Botox® peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, to diminish the look of aged skin, promote deep facial relaxation and rejuvenate skin! 

Chrysalyx™  -  antioxidant, firming anti-aging serum
Chrysalyx™ is a silky, serum emulsion packed with high-tech anti-aging wonders, like retinol, ceramides, DMAE, Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E  plus 16 botanicals and hydrators firm and protect skin from environmental stressors!

Triple Lavender Face Foam™  -  rejuvenating cleanser
 A luscious rich cleansing foam to refresh skin and tighten pores, in a blend of 3 lavenders, natural enzymes and botanicals.  Non-Alkaline.  No SLS/ALS.  Cleanses and tones skin in one step.  No Toner needed!