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Hormones, Skin Care and Teens


Hormonal issues, due to ingredients in some personal care and skin care products amongst teens, is now validated.

Very interesting new study released from Kim Harley, Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at the University of California, Berkely in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal.

The study is based on the use of personal care products in teens, with a specific focus on chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, triclosan, petrolatum bi-products and oxybenzone, and the effect these chemicals can have on hormone disruption.

Ms. Harley states, “Because women are the primary consumers of many personal care products, they may be disproportionately exposed to these chemicals.”

Urine samples showed after using lower chemical products for 3 days, chemical levels fell. Co-Author Maritza Cardenas concluded, “Seeing the drop in chemical levels after just three days shows that simple actions can be taken, such as choosing products with fewer chemicals, and make a difference.”

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  • Amy Merwin
  • CommunitySkin InformationSkin IssuesSkin Trends 2016

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