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  • New concerns for cosmetics preservatives...
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New concerns for cosmetics preservatives...

In a recent trade journal article, Katerina Steventon Ph.D., talked about new studies done on preservatives that are commonly used in skincare products. As I shared in my article, Parabens and Preservatives that may be found here: http://greatnewskin.com/pages/parabens-and-preservatives

Product preservation is required for global entry sales to consumers, and for the safety of us all, from a health standpoint. Within the industry, and amongst consumers, there is confusion and controversy.

Dr. Steventon cites a recent study done by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, to evaluate the risks of preservatives in cosmetic products. It’s assessment of 53 preservatives showed an allergen risk from three: DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea and thimerosal. On a global level, mainly driven by consumer demand, the use of parabens in products is down, and phenoxyethanol is now the highest use alternative. 
Denmark has lobbied for the preservative, methylisothiazolinone (MI) a synthetic preservative biocide that is used in sun and skincare products, to be banned. In the US, we have seen an alarming trend in skincare products, particularly Anti Aging products of the use of Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminum Hydroxide, which is a lye base.

  • Amy Merwin
  • PreservativesSkin InformationSkin IssuesSkin Trends 2015

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