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Epidermx II/NaturDerm products Testimonials: Love it!


Links to photos sent to us from our customers, they are dramatic!


"I love it! My skin has never looked better...fresh, alive and rested! I am addicted! Thank you! Gregory Zarian actor of TV and film

As a makeup artist, I can tell you this is an amazing product! Everyone should use it! Wendy S.

I am a model with Wihelmina - all of us just love your EpidermxII! Lauren E. CA

I used the EpidermxII for the first time last night...love it! Blake Woods Ford Models NY

This is a revolutionary approach to skin care. The results we see in our client's skin is truly remarkable! Dr. Arnel Beaubrun, ND

I am so crazy about this cream, I am turning everyone in the newsroom onto it! Dana Fowle FOX news

Great product!! I love it!! Beth Galvin Health Reporter FOX news

I have used your new products for almost three months now and am thrilled with the results!I was worried about the cost of the products but, when I think about it, I'm not buying any other products, so I guess it all comes out in the wash (no pun intended!) Sandy

Kelly (my boss) was talking all day about the Epidermx II and Chrysalyx. She would not stop!!! She was telling all the staff in great detail everything about the products and the stories about how you started (she read all the info) and your daughters. She was so depressed that she had to wait for it to arrive, she kept saying again and again "I want it to be in my mailbox when I get home!
USA - MAC makeup representatives

The Epidermx II has made a huge difference in my skin in a week! I work in cosmetics and I have had dreadful problems with foundations breaking me out so I think I have tried almost every skincare product out there - a lot of very pricey ones and I don't think anything has made such a difference so quickly! I am amazed. I can't stop telling everyone about it. Kat P. WA

Here are 12,885 of > 20,000 positive reviews of Epidermx II and NaturDerm products on eBay US and International - with more testimonials below that have been sent to us from customers.

Love to use it with my Clarisonic ® , makes it work better! Patricia D. CO

I love the new Epidermx II. Gosh I have used the old one since the beginning, I like that Epidermx II is much faster. This does make your skin seem smooth and it feels like there is less oily residue left on the skin. I use the Epidermx II and Chrysalyx, when I put on my make-up and the lines around my lips and at the corners of my mouth appeared not as deep as they were. Along with aging skin I still have teen-age skin, my pores become easily clogged . My whole face appears tighter, but I have been using the Epidermx II religiously. It is very hard to find silicone free products, it is in everything,
Marilyn J.

I have used Epidermx for over 4 years and I was worried about the new one - I should've known you wouldn't bring out something else that didn't top it- all I can say is - WOW!!- I cannot believe how effective and easy this is EpidermxII is - I barely use anything. It smells divine, feels great and the difference it has made for my skin is night and day! Thank you! Elizabeth J. CA

I just wanted to let you know that I used this product for the first time last night, and I'm dumb founded. My skin has never looked this bright and smooth.!!!! I can't wait to see how it will look after continued use. I am definitely going to let me friends
know about this wonderful product. The fact that it's natural is a big big plus too. I am now a lifetime customer! Bella S.

As for the new products. I am just blown away. BLOWN AWAY! I just can't get over how great my skin looks and feels. I won't bore you with more gushing....I'm sure you hear the same stuff over and over again....but mark me down as one satisfied little lady! Sara, LA

I am a RN and work for a Plastic Surgeon with several offices. We carry many skin care products and have never seen products work as fast as these! We actually use the Epidermx II as a skin prep before treatments! Tamra B. CA

I love the new Epidermx II. Gosh I have used the old one since the beginning, I like that Epidermx II is much faster. This does make your skin seem smooth and it feels like there is less oily residue left on the skin. I use the products - when I put on my make up and the lines around my lips and at the corners of my mouth appeared not as deep as they were. Along with aging skin I still have teen-age skin, my pores become easily clogged . My whole face appears tighter, but I have been using the Epidermix II religiously. It is very hard to find silicone free products, it is in everything, Marilyn J.

I got my husband doing the facial also, I love the cream. Thanks so much for your honesty. Shirley

I have tried others and nothing else compares to this!! I love the smell! Christine S.

I wanted to let you know that I love the Epidermx . My skin looks and feels amazing! I have been having derma-planing procedures, where they use a scalpel to exfoliate the top layers of the facial skin and I have to say your product left my skin glowing and feeling just like the derma-planing procedure does, at a fraction of the price. Derma-planing cost $75 for a 20 minute procedure., Thank you so much. I can't wait to share these products!  Kathleen H. Media Agent

Everyone that I have given a sample of your product has RAVED. You should see MY skin. I look younger than friends 10 years younger than me; I am so IMPRESSED! Just so amazing and one of my friends is HARD CORE critical and studying to get her aestheticians credentials.Please let me know when you want me to test any of your new products!
 KaZ Akers-Brownlee - Winterhaven Productions Inc. - Lifestyle and Information TV programs

Thanks again! This stuff is great! By the way shortly after I bought it someone asked me how I liked it. I definitely gave it the thumbs up. Not that you need it but if you have any skeptics feel free to have them email me. I used to work in a beauty store and I know skin products and ingredients pretty well and your scrub is by far superior to anything I have seen in the stores.Thanks and take care! Cindy

WOW! I've paid more for peels with less results-used only 5x so far. Penny D.

AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Could see results after only one use! SPECTACULAR-amazing results! Wendy S.

I Love this product-it really does work. Makes skin sooo smooth! Thanks much! Amy Z.



I tried your product this evening and I can say that I am impressed. I have very sensitive skin, acne, scarring, and redness. When I try a product I usually throw it away because it will break out my face or my face will become irritated, and that did not happen with yours! Thank You, Cindy T

GALS...buy this and use it 2X...GREAT results, and I'm a miracle-cream skeptic!! Shari C.

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the new products. I didn't think the new Epidermx II could be any better than the old Epidermx. But lo and behold, my acne scars are less noticeable than they were! I am also noticing the lines under my eyes fading and all this has happened in 2 weeks! Janice C. TX

Great product! Awesome results already! Thanks! Jennifer B.

Nicer than Dermanew®...Kim T.

I LOVEEEEEE your product!! When I first tried the original Epidermx about 3 years back it did not agree with my skin. But this new product has been amazing. It is so easy to use and such fantastic results.Thanks a ton for your brilliant products, Molina W.

Nicer than Dermanew...Will order more! Lisa H.

Nothing compares to Epidermx II, I sing your praises all the time. Claudia Q.

This is good 4 all types of skin!!! Thanks!!! Eva P.

By the way the new Epidermx II is amazing. I was afraid at first because I was not sure if it would work as well as the old stuff, but I must say I love it more. Karla T.

Superb! Love This Product - You'll Be Hooked Too! Mayumi H.

I have discoloration from years of shaving; used for 2 days and see progress. Debra R.

OH MY! Gray Matter came off my face! Your micro creme ROCKS! A+ Ramona B.

Hi! I just want to say how great your cream is! i will be forty this week and your cream has made me feel 25 or 30! its really great stuff! my mother also used it and loves it! she is 60 and really is amazed with the results! she has tried everything! thank you! we will be buying more!!! Barbie H.

Thank you for the microdermabrasion cream! I absolutely love it !! I also wanted to tell you what a wonderful product this is and that I appreciate someone telling others about it. Please let me know what to do to place an order! Thanks again, Robert B.

WOW! works so much better than Youthful Essence - you can't even compare the two! My scar after a week is already smoothing out, I am shocked! S.LePore, PA

I purchased this a little while ago. I have used it 2 times, WOW what a difference!!!! GREAT STUFF!!!! S.Kirby
Hi, I got this item from you about 4 weeks ago and really, really just love it! I've tried others but my skin is so soft and smooth now. I'm 57 years old and have been using one face cream or another for years! Everything else is in the trash because your product is all I need. ...Thanks, CAROL

Great products!!! The Chrysalyx takes years off of the face!!! WOW!! Diane N.

I started to use the Epidermx II and was really shocked!!! Immediately my face felt so smooth - I just turned 48 and tho I am a guy - I care that my lines on my forehead are getting deeper - you see - I am a businessman and in today's world - appearances can make or break a sale - a promotion - lots of things - I was actively looking for a product that would work - I tried all kinds of stuff - from raspberries, new acid stuff - peels - and then this simple little product fell into my hands!! Within 3 days the lines on my forehead began to smooth out - I am really shocked - it has been 3 weeks now and yesterday someone told me they thought I was 28 - This is truly an incredible product!!! I am also black and have been plagued with ingrown hairs on my face - the cream makes the hairs pop right out !!!!!! Michael J. Arizona

This is Wendy..got your samples...lovelovelove it...it is amazing...makes the skin smooth like glass!!!! Wendy S.

I just used EpidermxII for the first time. - my goodness is my face soft. My hands feel great from massaging the product in and I am already a satisfied customer. I will keep using it and I hope to be able to send in another great report. Love it, Love it! Heather Edwards Brown

I don't know what I would do without your products!! When I run out, I can see it right away. What an amazing difference!! I love the Naturdermx it has changed the texture of my skin, so smooth!! I told my husband, these products are not a luxury, they are a necessity and that they are all I want as gifts!! Dorothy G. New York

Yesterday I received my EpiDermxII cream from you. I have been using the Susan Lucci microdermabrasion product with the little tool, and even though it was hard to get all of the crystals off of my face after I was finished, I thought I was happy with the product. However, after using just a bit of your product this morning, my face feels incredible. I can't even imagine what the results would be if this was used regularly. In any case, I would like to purchase more. Just tell me how to do it - I just turned 50 and am just trying to retard the effects of time, as well as minimize age spots and deep wrinkles. I love the effect after one treatment, and can't believe how smooth and tight my skin is. I look forward to hearing from you! I just know it's something I will want to use FOREVER. I used a tiny bit of it again this morning after cleansing and my face looks even better today then it did yesterday. I love the way it just rinses and works itself away. The Youthful Essence® crystals just didn't want to leave - that is why the instructions said most people get into the shower to wash it away when they are done. Your cream fits right in with my lifestyle. This is truly a great product, and believe me, I am up on all the latest skin care. I will be cancelling my Youthful Essence subscription this morning, and look forward to doing business with you. Thanks again for such a great skin care find. Cathy G.

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