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Silicones in Skin Care

Anyone find this curious? 

An article in beautyhigh.com based upon a panel presentation of MD’s reported this on silicones:

Unless accompanied by a penetration enhancer, silicones stay on top of the skin—and that’s why they feel so great.
“Silicones by themselves just stay on the skin, and that’s why you feel that silky after-feel when you put something on that has silicone,” said a dermatologist. “There are certain things that are penetration enhancers, but I don’t know why you would use [them] unless you’re trying to really drive an active ingredient into the skin.”

Products with silicone feel better—and are more likely to be used.
“I think the silicone issue is a very valid point, because there are biodegradability issues with it, but there’s also one of these other things: people love to have products that feel good,” said a Counsel dermatologist. “Silicones are not all bad; they’re different types of chemical structures. But the silicone question is a big one because you can formulate wonderful products, but if they’re not aesthetically pleasing, your consumer base and your patients will not use them.”

Let’s see, silicones just sit on the skin and prevent active ingredients from being absorbed and have biodegradability issues that these MD’s acknowledged is a valid issue, but not to worry, they have to be used in skin care or customers won’t like the way products feel… Really?

Thousands of people worldwide love the silky botanical serums of NaturDerm products and the high level of performance, without silicones…you do have a choice, you don’t have to compromise!

More info on silicones: http://greatnewskin.com/pages/siliconesandskincare

More article info: http://beautyhigh.com/10-parabens-silicones/


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    Amy Merwin
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