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Skin lightening products and Mercury?

Brown age-spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma are skin conditions that cause browning of the skin. Some pigment issues are deep into the skin tissue, others are more superficial.There are alternatives, as Dermatologists, Zoe Draelos, MD, and Peter T. Pugliese, MD, discuss here:

Epidermx II is a manual microdermabrasion cream that gently and effectively removes dead surface skin to reveal brighter skin tone and texture.

Doctors in ER's are seeing patients with skin discolorations, rashes, headaches and shaking of the hands, who are using imported skin lightening products from Asia, Central America, the Middle East and Africa, that are being marketed in the US as herbal medicines.  Upon testing, these products are showing high levels of Mercury.  XRF (Fluorescence Spectrometer) testing by EcoWaste Coalition, of imported products from Japan, Taiwan, and the USA, as well as Chinese products, from Chinese Drug Stores in 2014 showed mercury levels ranging from 123 ppm to 51,000 ppm (part per million).  US-FDA mercury limitations are 1 ppm.

Some of the testing results, by EcoWaste from July 2014 include:

  1. BG Sea Pearl and Papaya Natural Essence 6 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Whitening Sun Block Cream with 51,000 ppm.
  2. BG Ginseng and Ganoderma Lucidum 6 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Whitening Sun Block Cream with 46,800 ppm.
  3. Yudantang Ginseng and Green Cucumber 10 Days Whitening Speckles Removed Essence with 43,500 ppm.
  4. Feique Herbal Extract Whitening Anti-Freckle Set with 28,800 ppm.
  5. Erna Whitening Cream with 8,284 ppm.
  6. Yinni Green Tea Quickacting Whitener and Speckle Remover Package with 6,554 ppm.
  7. Jiaoli Miraculous Cream with 4,740 ppm.
  8. S'zitang with 4,565 ppm.
  9. Bai Li Tou Hong with 2,859 ppm.
  10. Jiaoli 7 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle AB Set with 2,184 ppm.
  11. Sanli Eliminating Freckle Cream with 1,305 ppm.
  12. Gakadi with 123 ppm.
  • Amy Merwin
  • Skin InformationSkin IssuesSkin Trends 2015

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