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  • Will 2015 bring new sunscreen changes to the US?
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Will 2015 bring new sunscreen changes to the US?

The “Sunscreen Innovation Act” bill is at the White House, as H.R. 4250 passed in July and S. 2141 passed September 17, 2014.

Current regulatory process for sunscreen active ingredients, are under the 2002 OTC drug monograph system. The Bill is set to streamline the process for FDA approval of ingredients which could see an influx of UV chemical ingredients currently available in the EU flooding the US market like: amiloxate 10%, bemotrizole 10%, bisoctrizole 10%, diethylhexyl butamido triazone 3%, drometrizone trisiloxane 15%, ecamsule 10%, enzacamene 4%, octyl triazone 5%.

Regulatory changes in the manufacturing of sunscreens in the US, is also on the horizon, which may affect production of alternatives to UV chemical sunscreen ingredients from smaller companies.

Meanwhile, Dermatologists are reporting an increase in homemade sunscreen use amongst patients, as consumers become educated on the side effects of UV chemical sunscreen ingredients, and seek alternatives.

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  • Amy Merwin
  • Skin InformationSkin Issues

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