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  • Fall 2014 Makeover
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    Amy Merwin
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Fall 2014 Makeover

Artist: Valerie P. Hernandez-Garcia; Model: Mia Hernandez; Video: Sydney Freeland

Step 1: Prepare skin with a mineral mist and a moisturizer to hydrate skin.

Step 2: After applying a makeup primer and liquid mineral foundation, lightly dust on a transparent setting powder.

Step 3: Apply a warm, metallic Cognac-colored eye shadow all over the lid and blend softly into the crease.

Step 4: Line the inner lower lash line with a light cream-colored pencil to brighten the eye area.

Step 5: Apply a highlighting powder to the brow bone, under the eyebrow, and on the inside corners of the eyes.

Step 6: Fill in brows with a pencil.

Step 7: Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 8: Line the top lash line with black pencil.

Step 9: Apply false lashes to the top lash line.

Step 10: Contour cheeks and apply cream blush in a coral-pink shade.

Step 11: Apply lipstick and gloss in a metallic-toned Sangria shade.

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    Amy Merwin
  • Skin Care Trends 2014video clips